Donate a Gate

Have you ever thought about doing something practical to mark a special event, the passing of a loved one, or simply to make a donation to a worthwhile project  – we would like you to consider doing something which creates the message you wish to convey and improves access to the Hampshire countryside.

Please consider taking part in the

HROWIT Donate-a-Gate Scheme

Hampshire has hundreds of stiles on the 3000-mile network of rights of way many not in good condition and they form an obstacle to the less agile. There is a solution which would make the countryside more accessible and enjoyable. You may have already seen some of the metal gates such as that in the illustration below and they last for years longer than stiles. This is an appeal seeking your help in accelerating the process of installing more stile replacements in a process that will require a sustained effort for many years.

HROWIT is run by volunteer Trustees who are walkers and equestrians who are trying to raise the funds needed to transform access to the countryside. It costs with volunteer labour an average of £500 to buy and install a gate on a right of way network with a plaque on both sides of the gate that records the message the donor wishes to convey. For £250 we could add a plaque on one side and another donor’s plaque on the other side. Each plaque is of A4 size and orientated in landscape mode. We can include text and logos. The works “HROWIT Donate-a-Gate Scheme” will appear at the top. All works have to be implemented with the approval of the highway authority and to their satisfaction.

To join the Donate-A-Gate Scheme write to us or send us an email so that we can get another project underway.

If you happen to be a Hampshire landowner with a stile on your property, we would be pleased to discuss its replacement with a gate at no cost to you! All the gates are self-closing with mechanisms to keep them stock proof and come in various types to suit agricultural requirements.

Our Email address is  we look forward to hearing from you!